Let's talk about SPC


SPC plank, short for stone and plastic composite, was introduced to the flooring market about 2013. it has so many names, such as Luxury vinyl plank, waterproof flooring. after most 10 years development, this product become more and more popular, especially when the plank become more and more thick with more affordable price for consumer.

The merit of this martial is obvious, and compare to other type of floor, it’s waterproof, more durable and needs much less care. 

when buying flooring, consumers are considering affordability, daily maintain cost, comfortability and decoration. I have talk to so many installers, they just love to install this type of floor, but why?  very simple, it’s so easy and simple. with the more perfected click system, such as uniclic system, the system makes floor installing easy and reliable. most of SPC come with underlayment, you don’t even need to put underlayment first and just float the floor on the ground.

There are so many colors and style are available from dark walnut color to nature beige oak color, and it can provide a decor effect other floor can’t present. personally I feel it renders me a more modern home effect.

The customers I entered came to us, most of them are tired of carpet or hardwood, because the daily maintains drives them crazy. this floor just provides them a on time floor solution.  who dose not want it?

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